Nowhere to be Found – Book Club Questions

Warning: spoilers below!

  1. Why is Max so keen to go undercover with the Borderland Family, despite the obvious risks?
  2. Why is Scott so reluctant to trust the police and tell them the truth when Lucy goes missing?
  3. Is Kate working with Max the catalyst to the end of her marriage with Sam, or do you think it would have ended anyway?
  4. What do you think about the philosophy espoused by the Borderland Family? Do you have any empathy towards their way of thinking?
  5. Explore the similarities between Lucy’s childhood and the refuge offered by the Borderland Family. Why do you think Graham and the commune seemed like a good home to Lucy?
  6. What happened between Lucy and Oliver in the lake? Why do you think Oliver died in this way?
  7. Why does Lucy go back to Scott after everything that happened between them?
  8. What do you think Kate sees in Max, and visa versa?
  9. The Borderland Family talk about the ‘dissolution’, but how does the theme of dissolution run through the whole book?
  10. How did your feelings change towards Scott Barker as the story progressed? 
  11. What do you think Kate feels about Rachel Yates’s life? Do you think she wants a husband and children?
  12. Do you think Kate missing her marriage counselling appointment was an unconscious move, to destroy a marriage she didn’t want, or a genuine mistake because she was caught up in work?
  13. Do you think Sam was telling the truth when he said he hadn’t been having an affair with Fliss?
  14. Do you think DC Jamie Briggs enjoys working for Kate? And why?
  15. When do you think Lucy started to feel disillusioned about the Family? What was the turning point for her?
  16. Why is Oliver so attached to the Borderland Family, when he doesn’t really believe in the dissolution?
  17. What do you think will happen to Graham, after everything he has done?
  18. Why does Alex Sherwood stay close to the Borderland Family, even though he suspects them to have something to do with his father’s disappearance?