The Dream Wife – Book Club Questions

  1. How has Annie’s own childhood influenced the sort of life she wants to create for Johnny?
  2. Why is Annie attracted to David? What does she see in him that makes her fall in love with him?
  3. Do you think Annie deliberately chose a cake that would kill her mother?
  4. Once Annie knows the truth about David, why does she stay with him? Why doesn’t she leave?
  5. Explore the similarities between Annie’s relationship with her mother, and her later marriage with David.
  6. Why does Annie discover the dream world at that particular point in her life?
  7. What does Annie gain from the dream world that she doesn’t get from her real life?
  8. Have you ever been aware that you are dreaming when you’re asleep? Can you, or do you know anyone, who is able to lucid dream?
  9. How important is the role of Becca in Annie’s life? How does she influence her as a child, and what difference does she make to her as an adult?
  10. How did you feel after finishing the novel? How would you describe it if you were recommending it to others?
  11. Annie describes David’s betrayals as a “sociopathic playbook”. What’s the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath? Would you describe David as one or the other and why?
  12. What do you think Adam sees in Annie, and visa versa? What makes him want to help her?
  13. How has Maggie influenced David growing up? How has she contributed to make him the monster he is as an adult?
  14. Why doesn’t Jack tell Annie the truth, once he realises who she is? What is he afraid of?
  15. What do you think might have happened between Adam and Annie? What might their life together been like?
  16. How has Jack’s adoption influenced his later life?