Double Take

Perfect for fans of Eva Dolan and Susie Steiner.

Coming Autumn 2019.

When Gabriella is found unconscious, cold and alone, the victim of a vicious attack, the first person DS Kate Munro wants to talk to is her identical twin, Thea. There is nobody more obvious as a suspect than her sister: aloof, cold, alone, and estranged from her twin, meeting again for the first time in fifteen years only a week before.

And as Kate begins to dig, there seems to be no end to the twins’ strange history. Why did Gabriella leave all those years ago? And what brought her back, after all that time? With a dangerous assailant still on the loose, DS Munro is determined to find out. But as her obsession builds, her own life starts to unravel.

A thriller not to be missed. Where the line between right and wrong starts to blur. And where nothing is ever as it seems…