Ask Me No Questions – Book Club Questions

  1. What is it about Harry and the twin’s upbringing that has fostered such fierce loyalty towards each other?
  2. If you were Gabriella, would you choose Mortimer or Harry? And why?
  3. Why does Gabriella go along with pretending to be Thea at the beginning of the book? And why has Thea been pretending to be Gabi?
  4. What makes Harry shoot Madeleine? And why does Thea kill her mother?
  5. Why does Gabriella leave after the murder of their parents?
  6. If you were Gabriella, what would you have done? Would you have told Kate the truth about what happened, or would you have kept quiet, as she did?
  7. What is the turning point for Kate? What makes her start to pull her life back together?
  8. After everything that has happened to Harry, do you think he has a chance at leading a normal happy life? Do you think he should follow Gabriella and Mortimer, or start afresh alone?
  9. Why do you think Harry falls in love with Gabriella and not Thea?
  10. How important is the role of Harry in Thea’s life? What drives her to deceive him in that way at the end?
  11. How did your feelings change towards Gabriella and Thea as the story progressed? Did you take sides at any point, and if so, with who?
  12. How do you think Briggs and Yates feel about having Kate as their boss? Would you have liked to work for her?
  13. At the very end, what do you think Thea tells Kate?