Favourites of 2018

This year I haven’t read as much as I’d like, getting caught up in my own writing. Finishing and editing book 2 has taken priority, and often I avoid reading at the same time to prevent other people’s styles and ideas seeping into my own.

But I have read some crackers, and it was tricky to narrow it down to my top five.

I started in January with the incredible This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay, which I now recommend to anyone I come in contact with. I’m always a sucker for anything medical, but this book is funny, heart warming and wonderful to read. Also, Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh is a fantastic story and takes you on exactly the ride you expect from a gripping thriller.

I had no expectations about An Isolated Incident by Emily Maguire – and loved it. Evocative of small town Australia, I found it low key, subtle and all the more heart breaking because of it.

My first foray into the police procedural genre was with Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan. This is a tight, well-plotted story, detailed without being confusing and with the sort of characters you can happily follow from book to book – which I now intend to do.

The last on my list of top 5 fiction, has to be The Adults by Caroline Hulse. This was witty, fun, and light – a perfect contrast to all the death, crime and dark psychological thrillers I tend to surround myself with.

Finally, there were a few non-fiction I loved. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker contains enough justification for years of early nights (never a bad thing). And having made my first foray into the world of open water swimming, Leap In by Alexandra Heminsley, Find A Way by Diana Nyad and Swell by Jenny Landreth provides all the inspiration you need to do the same.

So, as the end of the year beckons, I find myself with shelves groaning with books I am desperate to read. But there is always space for more! What are your wonders of 2018 you would recommend?

(PS. After I wrote this blog, I finished Close to Home by Cara Hunter and had to add this post script. Fantastic! Great story, and characters that kept me reading right until the end. Couldn’t put it down. Plus, that twist! More DI Adam Fawley please…)


PS. I should note that these are books I have read in 2018, and not necessarily books that came out this year. I am bad at reading books from the right time zone and just crack on whatever I fancy next…

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