On your bike…

So today was the first time out on the bike. Or, more specifically, the first time out clipping into the bike. For those unfamiliar with the world of cycling, ‘clipping in’ is when you take the rather strange decision to attach your new expensive cycling shoes very firmly to the pedals of your bike. It makes it easier to cycle, yes, but it also means if you stop, and can’t unclip, you topple over.

And yes, I did. Once. Yes, it hurt. And yes, it was right next to my own front door.

It also meant I spent the whole cycle ride talking to myself like a patronising air traffic controller: “And we’re coming to a junction now…. prepare to unclip…. and… There! Well done, you!…” 10 miles today, and no excuses for next time.

But it definitely made me remember why I so love running. No faffing about with equipment, no need for co-ordination or even thought. No danger of death from impatient BMWs or arrogant Audis, just put on your trainers, and run. After I’ve done the paddling in a pond bit of the triathlon, and the clipping-in-clipping-out nightmare of cycling, the final run is going to be easy. Well, maybe not ‘easy’, but that’s what this training is for…

Next up – find a local pond, buy a wetsuit….

All this madness is in aid of Cancer Research UK. Too many people I know and love have been affected by cancer, and it’s only through the research of charities like Cancer Research do we stand a chance of beating it. Their groundbreaking discoveries to date mean we know more about different cancers and, vitally, how to treat them, which means over the last 40 years cancer survival rates have doubled. This life saving work relies solely on the donations they receive.

To donate, please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/louisascarrtri

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