The Dream Wife

41evOAaqkJL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Annie is the dream wife. Supportive, respectful, mild-mannered – she is everything her husband wants her to be. But underneath, she is so much more.

Annie is a prisoner in her own life. Her finances, her routine and her contact with the outside world are all controlled by him. Only her love for her little boy keeps her sane, and at night she escapes into a dream world where she is free.

But Annie is going to fight back.

And you won’t believe how she is going to do it . . .

Gripping psychological suspense with a twist that will break your heart.


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Here’s what some other people think!

‘A hugely promising debut. Overturns every assumption you have at the beginning in a startling and clever twist.Cara Hunter, bestselling author of Close to Home.

‘I absolutely raced through it and couldn’t put it down! It was so unsettling and had me holding my breath the whole time. And then that ending . . . it had me questioning everything! So clever and twisted and disturbing.Elle Croft, bestselling author of The Guilty Wife.

‘In a crowded thriller market, it’s hard to stand out, but The Dream Wife by debut author Louisa de Lange pulls it off with a could-never-have-predicted-that-ending.’ Good Housekeeping

‘Thriller-writing at its best.’ Daily Mail

‘And of course, I was very surprised at the end too . . . there is no way you can see it coming.

‘This was an absolute blinder and I loved it! Definite contender for my book club and one of my favourite reads this year!’

‘Riveting and tense . . . Highly recommended.

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Ask Me No Questions

Coming October 2019.


As children, Gabi and Thea were like most identical twin sisters: inseparable. 

Now adults, Gabi is in a coma following a vicious attack and Thea claims that, until last week, the twins hadn’t spoken in fifteen years. But what caused such a significant separation? And what brought them back together so suddenly? 

Digging into the case, DS Kate Munro is convinced the crime was personal. Now she must separate the truth from the lies and find the dangerous assailant – before any more blood is spilled . . . 


I started out studying Psychology at the University of Southampton, before spending many years working in HR. But I had always wanted to be a writer, and am now lucky enough to be a published author, working as a copywriter, proof reader and editor in the gaps.

I live in Hampshire with my son and husband. When I’m not writing I can be found pounding the streets in running shoes, or swimming in muddy lakes. I have too many book cases, too many books I haven’t read, and too much of an addiction to American tv.


Copyright James Robinson